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Two 45 minute online sessions with a professional designer to help you organize, sort, and curate the content you’re considering for your family storybook or movie.



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One can feel overwhelmed and conflicted when trying to decide what to include in a family history storybook or movie.

Which ancestors? Which stories? Which photos? Which video clips? Which genealogical information? Besides emotional attachments and the fear of missing something or trying to live up to family members’ expectations, there’s the sheer magnitude of the average family’s collection of stuff.

During two different 45-minute online sessions, meet on Zoom with an experienced family storybook or video designer to organize, sort, and curate your content. These sessions are formulated to give you a simple strategy to move forward and hone in on the content you need for the next chapter of your book or section of your family movie. You’ll learn effective ways to organize your content so you can find it later.

Once you purchase this product we’ll send you some date and time options. Select a time that mutually works for you and one of our skilled consultants a Zoom invitation. The feedback that we’ve received from clients is positive about this product.

“I was in a mess. I had text in one place. In fact I had multiple versions! Then I had photos on my phone, photos on my computer and photos in so many boxes in the attic. The team at Family Movie Story Books helped me to organize everything into folders and name everything so I could find stuff. Whew! Thank you Barbi and Cory, you were a great help!” Evelyn, Canada

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