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Yes, we can interview anyone else who can help tell your family stories. It could be your grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins or others. Additional interview and writing charges would apply. Additional book design charges would also apply to include the new interview text in your book.

Most interviews take at least an hour to obtain useful and interesting story text. Our packages include enough time for one or two people to be interviewed. Some people have good days and bad days so multiple interview dates helps you get the most complete story gathering.

All of our books are designed as 10” x 8” either portrait or landscape. Additional book sizes and orientations are available. We’ve also got several styles of design that you can choose from which will be shared with you once you’ve ordered your package.

Yes upon completion of the design, you’ll own the full rights to the book and its content. If you plan on selling the book please let us know at the beginning of the process so we can help you review copyright issues and release Family Movie Story Books from any liability.

If you’re the person arranging the project for your parents, you may need to remain involved in the project, depending on how techi your parents are. For example, you may need to help with uploading digital images, reviewing text before the book is designed, or reviewing versions of the designed book.

We have several beautiful book design templates that you can choose from. Each one has different colors, typefaces, treatments and styles.

No writing. No typing. 

four simple steps

Choose Your Book Package

Arrange your interviews

Upload your photos

Order your book copies

book packages

Packages include interviewing online by video or phone, writing, editing, book design, three version drafts, two re-edit rounds and a print-ready link to order your high quality paper hardcopy books.

The Real Saga Book

1 x 2 hour online interview
50 – 60 pages
5,000 to 12,000 words
75 – 100 photos

Our Family Heritage Book

2 x 2 hour interviews
80 –140 pages
12,000 – 20,000 words
250 - 300 photos

The Ancestral Epic Book

3 x 2 hour interviews
140 – 250 pages
12,000 – 25,000 words
475 - 600 photos

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Got questions? Meet on the phone or via Zoom with our professional interviewer for a free 30 minute consultation.  

What you get

what you don't have to do

We do it all for you! 

No writing required!

If your parents haven’t gotten around to writing their memoirs … they never will. If you haven’t gotten around to interviewing them and writing their stories … sorry, you never will either. 

With our simple system you can set up fun interviews for your parents and get ready to celebrate with them when “The Book” is being read by grandkids and great grandkids at bedtime or the next big family gathering. 

Declutter all that family history stuff

If you worry about all that sentimental stuff in mom and dad’s house and you wonder what to do with it all … simply turn it into “The Book”.  

Our packages include strategies and coaching on how to easily digitize old photos, mementos, and documents so they can elegantly be showcased on the pages of your family book. Once the book is done, all that physical stuff can be safely packed up and stored somewhere else.


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Sandra K talking about her family book
"I love my family history book.  The artwork is so beautiful. The process was so simple!"
Sandra K talking about her family book
Sandra K
Retired Accountant