Historical Research & Context Imagery


We’ll find and add to your family history project relevant historical information, documents, newspaper headlines and articles, and powerful images.



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A family history book can go from great to super fabulous by adding in contextual historical information, newspaper articles, and images. The characters in your book lived interesting times and probably made many of their pivotal decisions influenced by what was happening around them in their town, country and the world.

This add-on product engages our designer and/or writer to find and include that publicly available free content into your family history project. Text describing events and places is good. But the reader’s experience can be so much richer with this added level of vivid detail.

Pricing is by number of items researched. USD.

Note: Additional charges might be necessary if paid or stock imagery and materials are located. You’ll be given a choice before incurring any additional expenses. After research, some items may not be found.

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