Course: Family Movie Making

Enjoy this FREE comprehensive online self-paced course: Family Movie Making.

Designed to swiftly take you through all the steps in preparing your content to be able to produce the sections of your family history movie, you’ll find yourself rapidly moving forward to giving your family the most amazing gift ever! 

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What's in the course?

Family Movie Making has over 30 quick lessons that will rapidly bring you through the process of gathering your content, prepping it, and then uploading it for design. You’ll be able to fast-track getting your family history movie produced and seen by your loved ones!

PLUS join other family history movie makers on Zoom for free course workshops so you can ask questions and work on your own book!

Course Content

Movie Design Hub

Organizing and Strategizing

Style, Pace and Cuts

Getting Clear On Your Story

Storytelling Fundamentals

Moving Video

Dialogue vs Narration

Stock Media

Movie Making Overview

Casting Characters

Story Narrative

Based On A True Story: Artist’s License

Character Development

Talking Heads, Set Design and Interviews

Talking Heads, Set Design and Interviews

Graphics and Documents

Resources and Support

Curating and Compiling Content

Using Your Family Movie Outline Template

Point Of View: Voice And Tense

Imagery and Digitizing

Still Imagery

Narrowing Down Your Focus

Design Options

On-screen Titles and Text

Style, Pace and Cuts

Colors and Light

Transitions: Cut, Dissolves, or Fade to Black

uploading content

Using Video Recorder

Uploading Photos

Uploading Text for On-Screen Titles

Sharing your Family Movie

Reviewing Your Movie Design

Providing Feedback for Re-Edits

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How this course helps you

Modern technology today has given you many simple and affordable ways to make for your loved ones fabulous family history movie!

With just your smartphone, tablet or computer you can conduct interviews, shoot stunning video imagery, record sound, digitize old photos and documents, and create voiceover and narration text.

Being your family’s family historian in this day and age is still a thankless job. But someday your descendants will be so wowed by you and your family movie!

You can take your place as your family’s producer of a beautiful, cherished family history movie that will be inspiring the next generation for years to come. Doesn’t that feel sweet and enjoyable? You’ll probably feel a little relieved too.


Our course Family Movie Making could help you:

Save time

your family

Give your family an
amazing family history
movie in the near future

Connect you with a  friendly community of other family historians doing the same kind of work as you

Get better


Get skills and strategy

Avoid mistakes or repetitive work

Get support when
things feel confusing
or frustrating

Prevent you from getting stuck while trying to figure
out the next step

Feel happy
and relieved that
your family movie
is produced!

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Work with us. Save money

This course will teach you everything you need to know to be able to upload your content to have produced the sections of your family history movie.

Our simple system will make your movie making fun and effective

You can produce your family history movie, section by section. So the production costs are broken down into manageable bite-sized chunks

You don’t need to have everything lined up for your entire family movie. Instead, you just need to have some content for the first section that you will get started with. The rest will naturally flow from there!

Services to help you get ready to make your family history movie

Movie Design Services

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Family Movie Making Course Workshops

This course will help you be able to get ready to make the sections of your amazing family history movie.

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