Calling All Bubbes and Zaydes

Everybody’s story is unique.

(Daughters and sons scroll down, already!)

If your kids have been after you to write your memoirs or a book, just tell them “No”. 

And yes, there is an easy way you can still pass on your family history, life stories, old photos, recipes, values and advice in a book without writing a thing. 

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With Family Book Done For You all anybody needs to be able to do is some kibbitzing 

(kvelling and kvetching is okay too). 

With simple and fun interviews using either your phone, tablet, or computer you can easily talk about your own life or your spouse’s, honor your parents and grandparents and pass on all those family stories and recipes that explain what life is really all about!

We interview and record mom and dad telling their life stories. 

We’ll assist you in sharing your photo collection, historical documents, genealogy information, and mementos so they can be preserved forever on the pages of your Family Book Done For You. It’s actually quite easy these days. 

The next crop of grandbabies are on the way. Get ready to give them the most amazing book for bedtime stories and family gatherings.

Attention Daughters and Sons of Bubbes and Zaydes

Given recent events in the world, now is another one of those critical times to create a family book that solidifies your family’s identity, values, and vision.

There’s no guarantees in life and the next generation needs additional ways to be proud of their heritage in order to withstand the effects of anti-Semitism and hate. 

So much of the success and culture of your family is in the anecdotes and perspectives living in the heads and hearts of those older family members. Don’t wait until after it’s too late. 

Arrange a Family Book Done For You project interview for your parents to gather those precious stories or please share this page with someone else you know of that vintage. 

Don’t take our word for it ...

You may have seen the recent Jewish Independent newspaper article about Family Movie Story Books.

In it, you’ll read about retired school teacher Irene Jacobson’s experience of putting together her family book with us. She speaks about relief and a sense of accomplishment, knowing that the Tapestry of her life has been told indelibly for future generations of her family. 

"I think everyone should do something for their family, especially if they have an interesting story to tell. Stories should be told, not lost."

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