Book Design Choices

Storybook Sizes

Our family movie storybooks Book Design Hub is set up to generate for you print-ready PDFs that can be uploaded to our recommended book publishing company.

We design that PDF in strict accordance with the specifications of that book publishing company. One of your decisions is to decide what size and shape of a storybook you want to have.

While it is not impossible to resize your book to a different configuration after we’ve started designing, it will definitely incur you extra charges and may not actually be that desirable. Be sure to go to a library or a bookstore and handle the books to decide what size and orientation you prefer.

Style and Feel

Our professional designers will handle laying out your storybook design so it looks amazing. And you can choose from some determined templates that will get them started.

Essentially each page in your family story book chapter is a collection of picture boxes and text boxes. The way those boxes are laid out on the page is very much what your design is about. When you are about to upload your text and images you’ll choose some of your favorite page layout templates.

Here are some page layouts to inspire you.

These include romance, sepia, black and white, mainly text, large full-page graphics, maps, design elements etc.

Typeface Styles For Your Family Story Book

The kind of type that has the little fancy endings are called serif fonts and the type of fonts that have no fancy endings are called san serif fonts. Sans serif fonts are more like block printing and serifs are energetically more like handwriting. One of the steps in uploading your content you’ll be asked what kind of typeface you want to use for headlines, body text, and cutlines under photos.

Color Palettes For Your Family Story Book

Every family story book has some sort of a color palette.

There are colors in the type, backgrounds, and images. Choosing colors is important because text needs to be readable over the background behind the text. And so typically two colors are selected to create maximum contrast and readability for text situations in your movie.

When you are just about to upload your content to our Book Design Hub we’ll give you some choices around your color palette.